CS2008.5 SP2 釋出

Tuesday, 7 April 2009 21:07 by admin

在幾個小時前,[Telligent] 已經釋放出 CS2008.5 SP2,這次的 SP2 主要是修正既有的問題,並不包含任何新功能

另外有一點要注意,如果是使用 MSSQL 2000 ,在 SP2 上,您是無法更新 SqlScripts 的,因為為了提高效能,所以已經採用了一些和 MSSQL 2000 不相容的指令,但依然可以使用 CS2008.5 SP2 的 binary 檔案來修正


2462 - Blog Setup in Control Panel can save to the wrong section
2906 - Anonymous User Can't Reply To Blog Post
3205 - Posts from blog owners are being auto-moderated via Spam Blocker

1656 - New since I last visited broken in Safari
1793 - Reporting Author link is broken in Report Abuse functionality
2703 - Uploading media/image to forum post causes server errors
2844 - Forum Permissions are not checked when retrieving forums in CS2008.5
2910 - Email generated by "Suggest Answer" has incorrect URL

648  - Metablog API does not save files in post-specific folders
1384 - The accessdenied.aspx page was missing from the Web root
1389 - The Cry [:?] Smiley was not being rendered
1409 - System admins can't delete announcements or profile comments
2226 - swfUpload was updated to work with Flash 10.  Update both the standalone version of the multiple upload control as well as the one integrated in Telligent.Glow
2689 - Livewriter Overwriting Images
2691 - CSS Fixes to Common.css
2693 - CSS Overrides Malformed
2696 - -~/ in filestorage doesn't support relative URLs below the root
2697 - ~/ Broken in Chameleon
2907 - Email addresses as usernames are not allowed
2912 - Broken tag URLs
2917 - Admin links missing from Dashboard dropdown menu
2918 - Sitemap exceptions after upgrading to SP1
2919 - Add support for regional URLs
2923 - Links in mass e-mails aren't changed to absolute
3773 - The URL in an Invite E-mail creates an error "Invitation is Missing or Invalid. New users are allowed to be created by invitation only. The invitation key was missing or is currently invalid
659 - Media Moderation options under Group Administration for 'Groups' is not working as desired
2469 - Registered Users Can Create Groups on TEVO (they aren't given group owner rights early enough during group creation to create a wiki)
2517 - Group Lists Showing Max of 20 Groups in Hawaii in 2008.5
2914 - Contact Group Owners link generates error
2915 - Can upload files to group without Media Gallery

Media Galleries
648 - All MetaBlog API media attachments were saved to the same location without any unique filename characteristics which exposed the possibility of overwriting an existing uploaded file
698 - Media Gallery comment notification emails contain the wrong post URL
1618 - Flash 10 broke the Multiple File Upload control
2909 - Media Gallery Share e-mail sends bad URLs
2911 - Can't Disable Media Upload
2915 - Can upload files to group without Media Gallery

2908 - REST API Timeouts for ThreadQuery
3624 - REST API throws a deserialization exception when hex characters (in forum post) are serialized on community server and then deserialized on client app

Users/User Profiles
2913 - Friend List being truncated
2921 - Conversation titles are appearing in "Who's Online"
2916 - Link in e-mail generated by Change Password results in "Access Denied"

685 - User who creates a wiki page cannot delete it. User gets a foreign key constraint error in the cs_user_delete stored proc
1643 - Search not using tags
1969 - Disabled wikis show up in navigation & /wikis pages
2922 - Limit RSS for Wiki pages to top "N"
2920 - Security: Notification for updates to private wikis sent to inappropriate contacts


Sunday, 5 April 2009 05:45 by admin

在昨天 (2009/04/04) ,上次網站故障的狀況又來一次了,怎麼這麼巧那天我又不太有空,這次完整的紀錄一下這怪狀況

在早上 8:00 左右,就接到了網站故障通知,狀況和上次一樣會出現 Cannot find server or DNS error 的錯誤,重開機和 iisreset 當然是沒有任何改變,在事件檢視器沒有有關的錯誤,唯一可以知道的是 w3wp.exe 沒有啟動,但 IIS 是正常啟動的,這樣大概花了一個小時簡單的檢測一下

9點回到家先把要弄的雜事搞定,結果不弄還好,越弄壞越大,從 FTP Server 也掛了後,連 OpenSSH 也陸續投降,如果有看一些網頁,他會告訴你重裝 IIS 步驟,所以進入 新增移除程式 來移除IIS,想不到連新增移除程式也壞了

這時看了一下 CPU 負載,原本這台主機 CPU 平均大概都在30~50%之間,想不到只有 5% 以下,這時才驚覺應該是實體主機壞了

11點正式投降,去主機商 Helpdesk 請他們維修,不到一個月這種狀況來兩次,請他們強力的檢查一次主機到底怎麼了